GAL seminars

Viterbo VIII (2012)


Rome, 14-15 June 2012

Palazzo Lancellotti, Piazza Navona 114

8th Viterbo GAL Seminar

“Indicators in Global Governance:

Legal Dimensions”

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The seminar was held in Rome (Italy) at the Aspen Institute Italia, on June 14-15, 2012. The Seminar Steering Committee included Giulio Vesperini, Stefano Battini, Edoardo Chiti, Mario Savino, and Lorenzo Casini. The Seminar Organizing Team was made of Giulia Bertezzolo, Eleonora Cavalieri, and Elisabetta Morlino.

The selected papers constituted the basis for a thorough and wide-ranging discussion on the legal questions raised.

The overall aim of the Seminars was not only to assess the consistency of the analytic categories adopted to date, but also to develop more effective and forward-looking tools and technologies of global governance. To this end, legal counsel and leading practitioners  also participated in the seminar and act as discussants or commentators, together with leading academics in the field.


Seminar Program

Call for Papers




The Seminar’s Report, by Elena Mitzman

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Public Governance Indicators – Data and References from IOs

IRPA podcast

  1. Thursday June 14th, 14.00 -16.30, First session
  2. Thursday June 14th, 17.00-18.30, Second session
  3. Friday June 15th, 9.00-11.15, First session
  4. Friday June 15th, 11.45-13.15, Second session
  5. Friday June 15th, 14.00-16.40, Third session
  6. Friday June 15th, 17.00-18.00, Fourth session