The GAL Casebook 3rd Edition: Work in Progress


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The GAL Casebook 3rd Edition: Work in Progress

The origins of this third Edition

Planning for the new version of the Gal Casebook (1st ed., 2006; 2nd ed., 2008) began in the second half of 2010, and preparation in the early months of 2011. The result has been a broadening of the range of issues covered, achieved through the introduction of new case-studies and the involvement of new authors.

This work will continue to reflect the goals of the first two editions: a project aimed at illustrating the administrative features of globalization, through the examination of a specific ‘case’ (be it a judgment, a decision, or a normative framework more generally). It will be published online, under a Creative commons licence. A printed version may be brought out at a later date.

The IRPA is the lead actor in developing the third edition of the Casebook, in cooperation with the Institute for International Law and Justice of New York University. The editors will be Sabino Cassese, Bruno Carotti, Lorenzo Casini, Eleonora Cavalieri, Euan MacDonald, Marco Macchia and Mario Savino.

A ‘visible’ extension

Our methodology for expanding and improving the Casebook project has been twofold.

Firstly, the scope has been enlarged through the introduction, within each area investigated, of the most relevant and up-to-date features of global administrative law. Secondly, the largely “Italian perspective” that characterized the previous editions has been enriched by the participation of a range of foreign authors in the most recent iteration of project. Conceived in Rome and New York, the Casebook has now reached many different corners of the world. Authors include professors and fellows from the US, Germany, the UK, Greece, Spain, the Netherlands, Singapore, France, Poland, and many others; with the involvement of leading institutions such as the Max Planck Institute in Heidelberg, the EUI in Florence, the National University of Singapore, and Sciences-Po in Paris.

The issues covered by the Casebook have, as noted above, been extended to include crucial new areas of global regulation. In particular, the work includes a chapter on democracy in the global legal order, dedicated to an examination of the techniques and the objectives that underpin the representative process and the protection of human rights.

Another chapter will be dedicated to status and role of Europe in the global legal space. Indeed, the myriad interactions between the European and global legal (dis)orders. And a further chapter will deal with the emergence of public interests in the globalization process, illustrating in-depth the different ways in which both administrative bodies (domestic and global) and private actors are constrained in the exercise of their functions.

Last but not least, the work will open with a general introduction focused on intergovernmental organizations, from both a structural and an organizational perspective, in order to help orient the reader through the analyses that follow.

Figures and Timetable

We can conclude by offering some figures that illustrate the extent to which the GAL Casebook project has grown: from the 24 authors of the previous edition, we now have around 80 scholars contributing to the enterprise; and the number of cases analysed has risen from 41 in 2008 to the approximately 185 that will constitute the new work.

The third edition of the Casebook will be published by 2012.