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Essays and Other Relevant Publications

Stefano BATTINI, Giulio VESPERINI (eds.) Global and European Constraints Upon National Right to Regulate: the Service Sector(February 29, 2008)

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Lorenzo CASINI, “Diritto amministrativo globale”, in Sabino CASSESE (dir.) Dizionario di diritto pubblico, Milano (2006) ad vocem

Sabino CASSESE, “Is there a Global Administrative Law?”, to be published in a German book on Global Administrative Law.

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Benedict KINGSBURY and Lorenzo CASINI, “Gobal Administrative Law Dimensions of International Organizations”, IILJ Working Paper 2009/9 (Global Administrative Law Series) also published in 6:2 International Organizations Law Review 2009.

Benedict KINGSBURY and Richard B. STEWART, “Legitimacy and Accountability in Global Regulatory Governance: The Emerging Global Administrative Law and the Design and Operation of Administrative Tribunals of International Organizations”, in International Administrative Tribunals in a Changing World  (Spyridon Flogaitis, ed., Esperia, 2009)

Nico KRISCH, “Global Administrative Law and the Constitutional Ambition”, LSE Legal Studies Working Paper No. 10/2009.

Nico KRISCH, Benedict KINGSBURY (eds.) Symposium on “Global Governance and Global Administrative Law in the International Legal Order”, 17 European Journal of International Law, no. 1 (2006)

NYU School of Law-IIILJ, GAL Working Papers Series

NYU School of Law-IIILJ, GAL Emerging Scholars Working Papers Series