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La Corte europea dei diritti umani condanna l’Italia nel caso Ilva

La Corte europea dei diritti dell’uomo ha accertato una violazione, da parte dell’Italia, del diritto al rispetto alla vita privata e del diritto a un rimedio effettivo di alcuni abitanti dell’area di Taranto, in relazione all’inquinamento provocato dallo Stabilimento ILVA. Di seguito uno stralcio del comunicato stampa della Corte:

“The Court found, in particular, that the persistence of a situation of environmental pollution endangered the health of the applicants and, more generally, that of the entire population living in the areas at risk. It also held that the national authorities had failed to take all the necessary measures to provide effective protection of the applicants’ right to respect for their private life. Lastly, the Court considered that these applicants had not had available an effective remedy enabling them to raise with the national authorities their complaints concerning the fact that it was impossible to obtain measures to secure decontamination of the relevant areas. Under Article 46 (binding force and execution of judgments), that Court reiterated that it was for the Committee of Ministers to indicate to the Italian Government the measures that were to be taken to ensure that the Court’s judgment was enforced, while specifying that the work to clean up the factory and the region affected by the environmental pollution was essential and urgent, and that the environmental plan approved by the national authorities, which set out the necessary measures and actions to ensure environmental and health protection for the population, ought to be implemented as rapidly as possible”.

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