Diritto amministrativo europeo

Fundamental Rights Agency: Annual Activity Report


L’Agenzia europea per i diritti fondamentali (European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, FRA) ha pubblicato il Consolidated Annual Activity Report (CAAR) per l’anno 2017, che offre una panoramica delle attività e degli obiettivi conseguiti dall’Agenzia.

Il report si divide in quattro sezioni: “1) Achievements by areas of activities, where it is summarized what the Agency has done in its domain and where impacts and the main encountered issues are delineated; 2) Management and internal control systems, which gives details on the functioning of the internal control system; 3) Building blocks towards the declaration of assurance, where the main information refers to indicators of cost-effectiveness of controls, findings of the Internal Audit Service, auditing activity made by the European Court of Auditors; 4) declaration of assurance, through which the director declares that information contained in the report gives a true and fair view”.

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