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EC: stronger action to better tackle violent radicalisation leading to terrorism


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Delivering on its European Agenda on Security, the European Commission is today presenting further steps to support Member States in preventing and countering violent radicalisation leading to terrorism.

Responsibility for addressing violent radicalisation leading to terrorism lies primarily with Member States and actors at local, regional and national level. However radicalisation, like terrorism, knows no borders. This was evident in the events leading up to the attacks in Paris and Brussels. That is why the European Commission is setting out a number of initiatives to support Member States in their efforts across several policy areas, from promoting inclusive education and common values, to tackling extremist propaganda online and radicalisation in prisons.

The Commission is today outlining actions in seven specific areas where cooperation at EU level can bring added value: countering terrorist propaganda and illegal hate speech online; addressing radicalisation in prisons; promoting inclusive education and EU common values; promoting an inclusive, open and resilient society and reaching out to young people; strengthening the international cooperation; boosting research, evidence building, monitoring and networks; focusing on the security dimension.


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