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What’s next for acquired rights of EU27 and UK citizens?


Il Professor Steve Peers (University of Essex), in un articolo recentemente pubblicato sul blog “EU Law Analysis“, affronta il problema relativo alla condizione giuridica da garantire ai cittadini europei e britannici dopo la Brexit. Riportiamo un breve estratto dell’intervento e rimandiamo al testo integrale.

What’s next for acquired rights of EU27 and UK citizens? Anticipating the draft Brexit withdrawal agreement

by Professor Steve Peers, University of Essex

While attention during the Brexit talks has been focussed on the two sides’ negotiation positions, and on the measure of agreement reached so far (notably the December joint report, discussed further here), in the long term the most important text on EU and UK citizens’ acquired rights after Brexit will be the withdrawal agreement itself – assuming it is agreed and ratified. Once a draft withdrawal agreement is produced (which is reportedly likely soon) we can offer a ‘running commentary’ on it, but in the meantime here are some thoughts about what to look for…


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