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The Return of the Border?

Nell’articolo che proponiamo questa settimana il Prof. Steve Peers, Università di Essex, torna ad analizzare la “questione irlandese”.

The Return of the Border? Analysis of the Irish border provisions in the Brexit withdrawal agreement

by Professor Steve Peers, University of Essex

The most controversial provisions in the recently proposed draft of the Brexit withdrawal agreement were those relating to the Irish border. They are tucked away at the end in a separate protocol, but they were soon found and criticised as an EU attempt to “annex” the Northern Ireland economy as a means to ensure no border checks were applied on the land border between the UK and Ireland. Conversely, they were defended by those who argue that the Leave campaign during the referendum, and the UK government since, have promised no border controls, and that the Commission’s proposal only elaborates upon what the UK government promised in the joint report of December…

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