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The European environment – State and outlook 2015: il rapporto dell’Eea




L’Agenzia europea per l’ambiente (European Environmental Agency, Eea), ha pubblicato il rapporto SOER 2015 — The European environment — State and outlook 2015 – “A comprehensive assessment of the European environment’s state, trends and prospects, in a global context“.

Come emerge dal rapporto, i progressi compiuti grazie alle politiche ambientali sono notevoli. Infatti. “[l]ooking back on the last 40 years, implementation of environment and climate policies has delivered substantial benefits for the functioning of Europe’s ecosystems and for the health and living standards of its citizens. In many parts of Europe, the local environment is arguably in as good a state today as it has been since the start of industrialisation. Reduced pollution, nature protection and better waste management have all contributed“.

Tuttavia, vi è ancora molto da fare in Europa: “[d]espite the environmental improvements of recent decades, the challenges that Europe faces today are considerable. European natural capital is being degraded by socio-economic activities such as agriculture, fisheries, transport, industry, tourism and urban sprawl. And global pressures on the environment have grown at an unprecedented rate since the 1990s, driven not least by economic and population growth, and changing consumption patterns“.


Leggi il rapporto sul sito dell’Eea