Diritto amministrativo europeo

Reflection Paper on Harnessing Globalisation



The European Commission has published a report on the issue of Globalization.

The study examines the acutal situation, the risks and the challenges of globalization, taking seriously into account its social end economic effects – which have raised many questions and critics, in these years of financial crisis, about its utility and its consequences on equality.

As we can read through the paper, globalization “is not new but is changing fast“. It is “a positive force for change” … “but also brings challenges“.

Our citizens expect clear answers on how we can work together. That is why the future of Europe debate, launched by the White Paper, is so important. A Europe that knows where it wants to go can also help the world get to a better place for the benefit of all“.

As stated in the introduction of Frans Timmermans and Jyrki Katainen, “[o]n 1 March 2017, the European Commission presented a White Paper on the future of Europe. It is the starting point for an honest and wide-ranging debate on the Union’s future with 27. To further contribute to the discussion, the European Commission is putting forward a number of reflection papers on key topics that will define the coming years.

This paper on harnessing globalisation is the second in the series. It aims to make a fair and evidence-based assessment of what globalisation means for Europe and Europeans.


Today more than ever, local issues go global and global issues become local. While globalisation affects nearly every aspect of our lives, our citizens and regions experience these developments very differently“.


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