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EU Commission: Thirteenth Report on Relocation and Resettlement


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Commission calls on all parties to sustain progress and make further efforts

Strasbourg, 13 June 2017

Ahead of next week’s European Council, the Commission is presenting four progress reports on measures taken under the European Agenda on Migration to stabilise the flows and better manage the external borders.

With most Member States having shown that relocation works if there is political will, the Commission is calling on those Member States who have not yet done so to take steps to comply with their legal obligations and contribute fairly and proportionally to the scheme. The Commission is also making a renewed call to further accelerate the roll-out of the European Border and Coast Guard and to fill persistent gaps in manpower and equipment as swiftly as possible. The EU-Turkey Statement continued to deliver results – as shown by a consistent reduction in irregular crossings to Greece and the successful resettlement of over 6,000 Syrians given safe and legal pathways to Europe. Continuous efforts are still needed to ensure the full implementation of the Statement and in particular to improve the processing of asylum requests in Greece.

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