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Debito sovrano: “Sovereign borrowing outlook for OECD countries”



Pubblicato dall’Ocse un nuovo rapporto sui debiti sovrani.


Sovereign borrowing outlook for OECD countries


“The OECD Sovereign Borrowing Outlook“, come si legge nell’introduzione, “provides data information and background on sovereign borrowing needs and discusses funding strategies and debt management policies for OECD countries and the OECD area.

This booklet reproduces the executive summary and chapter one of the forthcoming 2017 edition of the Outlook. Based on data collected through a survey on the borrowing needs of OECD governments, it provides an overview of, and outlook for, sovereign borrowing, deficits and debt in the OECD area for the period 2007-2017. It examines net and gross borrowing needs of OECD governments in the context of fiscal policy challenges and developments. The cut-off date for data collected through the survey was mid-November 2016 and the cut-off date for other data considered in this report was December 2016.

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