Born from the collaboration between the Tuscia University of Viterbo (professors Giulio Vesperini and Stefano Battini), the University of Rome Sapienza (professor Sabino Cassese) and the New York University School of Law (professors Benedict Kingsbury and Richard B. Stewart), the Viterbo Global Administrative Law Seminar was originally conceived by a group of prominent scholars from Italy, United States, France, Spain, and Germany as a forum to discuss the most salient and debated issues related to the increasing use of administrative law-type mechanisms in global governance.

The aim of the annual GAL seminar – held in Viterbo, Italy, at the University of La Tuscia since 2005 – is to provide an opportunity for scholars from all over the world to explore and contribute to the development of these emerging themes. Since the beginning the Seminar has been promoted and organized by the Law Department (now Department of European linguistic and literary studies, communication studies and historical-juridical studies) of the Tuscia University of Viterbo, with the support of the Institute for Research on Public Administration (IRPA) and other public and private entities.

Each year a general topic is chosen as overarching theme of the Seminar. Nine months in advance a call for papers is issued to invite scholars from all over the world to submit paper proposals. Since the first GAL seminar, the best papers presented have been published in leading legal reviews and journals.

The topics discussed in the past editions are: Global Administrative Law and Global Governance (2005); Accountability within the Global Context (2006); Participation of Private Actors in Global Administrative Law (2007); Global Administrative Law: From Fragmentation to Unity? (2008); Legality Review in the Global Administrative Space (2009); The Financial Crisis and the Global Regulatory Governance (2010); Private and Private-Public Regulation: Global Administrative Dimensions (2011); and Indicators as a Technology of Global Governance (2012).

Since 2010 the Viterbo GAL Seminar Steering Committee includes professors Giulio Vesperini, Stefano Battini, Edoardo Chiti, Mario Savino, and Lorenzo Casini. The current Seminar Organizing Team is made of Giulia Bertezzolo, Eleonora Cavalieri, and Elisabetta Morlino.

The Viterbo GAL Seminars (.pdf document providing information regarding all the editions since 2005)

Viterbo X (2014)

Viterbo IX (2013)

Viterbo VIII (2012)

Viterbo VII (2011)

Viterbo VI (2010)

Viterbo V (2009)

Viterbo IV (2008)

Viterbo III (2007)

Viterbo II (2006)

Viterbo I (2005)

GAL seminars

Protetto: Gal 2014: A Quaderno

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Protetto: 10th Gal Seminar: Papers

Non è disponibile alcun riassunto in quanto si tratta di un articolo protetto.

10th Gal Seminar: Definitive Progamme

              The Gal Seminar Defitive Progamme is now available. You can find it here This year, the Global Administrative Law Seminar will focus on   GAL 10th Anniversary Law and Global Governance of Development … LEGGI

Viterbo X 2014-Call for Papers

10th Global Administrative Law Seminar Viterbo, June 12-13, 2014 Call for Papers Law and Global Governance of Development   Overcoming global disparities in wealth and living standards is one of major challenges for global governance in the 21st century – … LEGGI

Viterbo X (2014)

                Viterbo, 12-13 June 2014 10th Viterbo GAL Seminar « Law and Global Governance of Development »   The seminar, which this year will be jointly organized also with the Justus Liebig University … LEGGI

Online l’elenco dei papers del prossimo GAL Seminar!

IX GAL SEMINAR (2013) 13-14 June 2013 Viterbo   L’elenco dei papers del prossimo seminario GAL è consultabile qui.

Il Programma del IX GAL Seminar (2013) è online!

Scarica il programma del IX GAL Seminar dal titolo “Inter-Institutional Relations in Global Law and Governance”, che si terrà a Viterbo il 13 e 14 giugno 2013!   Programma IX GAL (2013)

Viterbo IX (2013)-Call

9th Global Administrative Law Seminar Viterbo, June 13-14, 2013 Call for Papers INTER-INSTITUTIONAL RELATIONS IN GLOBAL LAW AND GOVERNANCE 1.      Overview The vast increase in global regulation has attracted significant attention from both scholars and practitioners. The global governance literature … LEGGI

Viterbo IX (2013)

                               Viterbo, 13-14 June 2013 9th Viterbo GAL Seminar “ Inter-Institutional Relations in Global Law And Governance ”   The seminar will be held in Viterbo (Italy) on June 13-14, 2013. The Seminar Steering Committee includes Giulio Vesperini, Stefano … LEGGI

Audio GAL 2012

Thursday, June 14th (Audio 1) h. 14.10 – 16.30 Session One – Governance by Indicators Chair: Giulio Vesperini (Tuscia University) Benedict Kingsbury (NYU School of Law) Indicators and Law in Global Governance Christiane Arndt (OECD) The Politics of Global Rankings Discussant: … LEGGI