(English) Call for Papers “TransAtlantic Dialogue 2012”


The Radboud University Nijmegen (the Netherlands) in cooperation with EGPA and ASPA, is organising the 8th edition of the TransAtlantic Dialogue, an academic event dedicated to ‘Transitions in Governance’.

The Working Group on “Multiple partners at multiple levels: Multi-level governance” welcomes papers from both sides of the Atlantic that deal with the issue of how to analyze and unravel the increasingly complex configurations of government and governance.

To what extent and under what conditions are potentially contradicting transitions in systems of multi-level governance being made complementary to each other? What are the patterns of mutual adjustment and how effective is overall coordination in systems with dispersed authority? How does shared governance in systems of multi-level governance impact outcomes in the policy domain? Finally, is multi-level governance a useful and promising theoretical and analytical concept to analyze and explain contemporary transitions and challenges in systems of public administration?

If interested in participation, send your abstract of 300-600 words with full contact details by January 10th, 2012, at:


Dale Krane and Diana Iancu

Chairs of the WG on Multi-level Governance

TAD 2012:


American co-chair: Dale Krane (University of Nebraska, Omaha, US).



European co-chair: Diana-Camelia Iancu (National School of Political

Science and Public Administration, Romania). Email: