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ICON-S Working Paper Series

ICON·S Working Papers – Conference Proceedings Series

The ICON·S WP Conference Proceedings Series features papers presented at the Annual ICON·S Conferences.
Publication as an ICON·S Working Paper does not preclude or prejudice subsequent publication in a book or journal. The purpose of publication is to make work accessible to a broader and/or different audience without the usual delay resulting from the more traditional ways of publishing. The ISSN is kindly provided by the Institute for Research on Public Administration (IRPA) (

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List of Working Papers

No. 01/2015
Sabino Cassese, “An International Society of Public Law”

No. 02/2015
Lorenzo Casini, “International Regulation of Historic Buildings and Nationalism: The Role of UNESCO”

No. 03/2015
Mark Thatcher, “The development of the Nation-state, cultural nationalism and the protection of historic building: the cases of France and Italy”

No. 04/2015
Robert O. Keohane, Nominal Democracy? Prospects for Democratic Global Governance

No. 05/2015
Javier Barnes, New Frontiers of Administrative Law: A Functional and Multi-Disciplinary Approach. Private Life of Administration – Public Life of Private Actors

No. 06/2015
Fabio Di Cristina, Ex-ante Controls in Procurement Procedures: a Wild-goose Chase for Public Authorities? An EU Perspective

No. 07/2015
Nico Krisch, Pouvoir Constituant and Pouvoir Irritant in the Postnational Order

No. 08/2015
Elisa D’Alterio, Integrity controls of public administrations from a global perspective: when the controllers are also controlled

No. 09/2015
Barbara L. Boschetti, The demand for land: rethinking land use management and regulation

No. 10/2015
Erik Longo and Andrea Pin, Don’t Waste Your Vote (Again!). The Italian Constitutional Court’s Decision on Election Laws: An Episode of Strict Comparative Scrutiny

No. 11/2015
Valbona Metaj, Constitutional identity: A comparative overview of the Italian and Albanian Constitution