NYU-NUS LL.M. Program

New York University School of Law has long been a pioneer in the idea of global legal education. Continuing this tradition, the Law School launched a unique dual-degree program in May 2007 in collaboration with the National University of Singapore (NUS).  The NYU School of Law and NUS Dual Degree Program offers students the opportunity to complete two LL.M. degrees—one from each institution—while benefiting from a broad selection of subjects taught by members of both law faculties, including a wealth of region-specific and comparative courses.

Known informally as NYU@NUS, the program is designed for students who want the rigor of a, NYU LL.M. but also the opportunity to research or practice in Asia.  For the NYU LL.M. in Law and the Global Economy, students take the majority of their classes with NYU professors, and then complete about four additional courses to earn a second LL.M. from NUS.  All of this takes place in Singapore, which enjoys one of the world’s most dynamic and open economies as well as being the gateway for many multinational corporations into Asia.

Graduates also have the option of completing a ten-week program at NYU in New York City on the practice of American law. And, in September 2009, the New York State Court of Appeals granted NYU Law’s petition to allow graduates of the program beginning with the class entering in May 2010, who complete the NYU LL.M. outside of the United States and fulfill certain other requirements, to sit the New York Bar Exam.

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